Carl Spetzler

CEO and Chairman, Strategic Decisions Group

Specializing in strategy development, business innovation, and strategic change management, Dr. Spetzler has developed creative business strategies for major financial institutions, capital-intensive companies, high-technology manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and public entities.  Dr. Spetzler works with top management and boards of directors to improve the quality of decisions.  He has led numerous senior executive seminars on strategic decision and risk management topics. He is a Life Trustee of the Illinois Institute of Technology and a director of the Decision Education Foundation.  He is co-author of Decision Quality: Value Creation from Better Business Decisions (Wiley, 2016). He received the Ramsey Medal (2004) and the Pioneer Award (2018) — the highest honors awarded by the Decision Analysis Society and the Society of Decision Professionals. He is past president and a fellow of the Society of Decision Professionals.

My Sessions

Hi-Tech Panel: Creating a Decision Quality Culture in Hi-Tech

Mount Elbert B

Hi-Tech has a culture of moving quickly, responding rapidly, and iterating on launches. While large-scale investments are made, the overall decision making culture at a Hi-Tech company differs greatly from the DQ first adopters of Energy and Pharmaceuticals. What are the challenges of bringing decision quality into the culture of hi-tech environments? Panel Chair: Amy […]


Decision Quality and Data in Entrepreneurship and Leadership

The Capital Peak

How have leaders/entrepreneurs who have strong DA backgrounds looked at entrepreneurship/leadership? 


Workshop: Becoming an Effective Decision Leader with Decision Makers that Outrank You

Mount Elbert A

This session focuses on effective facilitation of decision maker conversations. As leaders of strategic decision projects, we face many challenges in driving to Decision Quality with Decision Makers that usually outrank us. We have to build conflict management skills and facilitation techniques that can be deployed in the moment. We have to speak truth to […]