Shashi Jain

Innovation Manager, Intel Corporation

Shashi Jain is an Innovation Manager at Intel Corporation and prolific forward thinker who believes that startups and corporations need each other to accelerate innovation.  Shashi has built the Startup Ladder, a process that makes joint corporate-startup projects more successful. He’s also built a tool for applying Decision Quality to those projects in about an hour.  When he’s not dreaming about startups, you can usually find him 3D printing prosthetic hands and teaching innovation and entrepreneurship to high school students. Want to connect further? Say hello at @skjain2 on LinkedIn and Twitter.

My Sessions

Hi-Tech Panel: Creating a Decision Quality Culture in Hi-Tech

Mount Elbert B

Hi-Tech has a culture of moving quickly, responding rapidly, and iterating on launches. While large-scale investments are made, the overall decision making culture at a Hi-Tech company differs greatly from the DQ first adopters of Energy and Pharmaceuticals. What are the challenges of bringing decision quality into the culture of hi-tech environments? Panel Chair: Amy […]