Zahit Guneri

Principal Data Scientist, MZG Data

Zahit Guneri is a data science consultant and specializes in prototyping and build solutions powered by data analytics & machine learning for his clients ranging from Silicon Valley unicorns to pre-seed stage startups. Prior to starting MZG Data, his boutique data science consulting business, Zahit spent 5 years at Square where he built the Payment Analytics team and 3 years at Apple’s WW Supply Demand Planning team. While Zahit has utilized his background on DA fundamentals to become a high impact data scientist, his work resulted in several patent applications on how to utilize data classification models to address particular use cases in user acquisition and cost reduction scenarios. Zahit holds an MS degree in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford and a bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Bringing out the Decision Analyst in the Data Scientist

The Capital Peak

Data Science is a nascent and increasingly popular interdisciplinary field, wherein the data scientist uses large datasets to derive insights and inform decisions. Despite this, Decision Analysis is rarely mentioned as a necessary skill for a data scientist. What are the decision making gaps in Data Science, and what can — and should — decision […]