John Busbice

COO and Co-founder of Keen Decision Systems

John Busbice is COO and co-founder of Keen Decision Systems.  He developed the company’s SaaS product, MIDA, and leads product development, innovation, and client success.  MIDA, short for Marketing Investment Decision Analysis, applies methods at the intersection of decision analysis and econometric modeling.  The product is embedded within large consumer goods and pharmaceutical companies to help them make smarter and faster decisions about the optimal allocation of marketing investment.  John has devoted his career to solving problems with the application of analytics to the measurement and optimization of marketing, sales force, pricing and new product decisions.  He holds a MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.

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Bringing out the Decision Analyst in the Data Scientist

The Capital Peak

Data Science is a nascent and increasingly popular interdisciplinary field, wherein the data scientist uses large datasets to derive insights and inform decisions. Despite this, Decision Analysis is rarely mentioned as a necessary skill for a data scientist. What are the decision making gaps in Data Science, and what can — and should — decision […]