Suhui Chen

Head of Product and Solutions, SmartOrg Inc.

Suhui Chen is Head of Product and Solutions at SmartOrg where she leads a team building the first portfolio analytic platform on the cloud. Her day-to-day work blends sociological sciences (ethnographic analysis), design thinking, product roadmapping and Decision Analysis. Thanks to her unique Decision Analysis background, she also oversees quality assurance of quantitative analytics and customer training.

Suhui has a masters degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University where she specialized in Decision Analysis, and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University.

My Sessions

Building Data Products

The Capital Peak

This panel will examine the following questions: What orientation do we need when building data products? What perspective does Decision Analysis give us when building data products? What perspectives other than Decision Analysis help us with data products? Panel Chair: Suhui Chen


Workshop: Using Decision Analysis to drive Lean Innovation

Mount Elbert B

Lean Innovation is built on accelerating learning by testing hypotheses quickly and iterating. On the surface, it seems at odds with the deliberative nature of DA. However, DA tools provide an ideal framework for prototyping strategic and economic issues, identifying which topics most need testing and focusing creative energy where it matters. The results can […]