Lindsay Benjamin

Consumer Client Software Strategist and Portfolio Management, Intel

Lindsay Benjamin is the Visual Computing Software evangelist at Intel Corporation.  She tells the story of how software, in the consumer segment, takes advantage of Intel’s continues hardware innovation.  She defined and maintains the client software portfolio, used to define investment envelopes per technology and make trade off decisions between enabling partners and expected outcomes.  She has worked in many different roles inside Intel over the past 20 years.  She has an MBA from Arizona State and a professional certificate in Strategic Decisions and Risk Management from Stanford.  She also is also a passionate advocate for corporate mindfulness.  She is the creator and director of Awake@Intel, as well as co-founder and CEO of Omni Awake, both of which are dedicated to bringing the practice of mindfulness into the corporate space.

My Sessions

Hi-Tech Panel: Making Innovation Management Predictable

Mount Elbert B

Great innovation is inherently unpredictable. And yet, as organizations grow, they are required to predictably manage innovation. We intend to explore this tension through the lens of a Hi-Tech environment. Panel Chair: Kelly Herwick