Kelly Herwick

Head of Talent Analytics for Research, Client, and Software, Intel

Kelly’s passion for assisting organizations in defining and achieving their goals led her to rewarding roles and experiences across Intel in IT, Mergers & Acquisitions, and PC R&D. She joined Intel’s Decision Quality Program Office in 2014, eager to combine her Intel experience with helping others make high quality decisions. As a decision professional, Kelly facilitated decision efforts, instructed and mentored professionals, and developed content to share with the DQ
community across Intel.

Always interested in learning more in organizational development and innovation culture creation, Kelly is excited to be a part of Human Resources’ Talent Intelligence and Analytics group as an HR Consultant supporting several of Intel’s business groups. In her current role, she works with HR data scientists and business operations to tie insights to action to enhance our most valuable asset- our employees.

Prior to Intel, Kelly built a foundation in public relations and marketing, spanning industries including healthcare, automotive, government, entertainment, and real estate before receiving her MBA from Michigan State University and certificate in Strategic Decision & Risk Management from Stanford University. Longing for a mountainous climate, Kelly and her husband left Michigan for Oregon’s wine country where they live with their two young children.

When the calendaring stars align, she enjoys trail running, rock climbing, mountain biking, and volunteering for a variety of youth-centered organizations.

My Sessions

Hi-Tech Panel: Making Innovation Management Predictable

Mount Elbert B

Great innovation is inherently unpredictable. And yet, as organizations grow, they are required to predictably manage innovation. We intend to explore this tension through the lens of a Hi-Tech environment. Panel Chair: Kelly Herwick