Jerry Lieberman

Senior Advisor, Endeavor Management

Dr. Jerry Lieberman has assisted leadership teams for more than 20 years making major strategic decisions and planning their implementation. Working in diverse industries, including oil and gas, oil field services, IT, manufacturing, and automotive, he has helped develop and implement strategies for oil field development, market entry, new product development, new business models, technology selection, cost reduction, new work processes, and IT services. His focus has been to help leaders make and implement major, high-value decisions in spite of uncertainty and ambiguity. This includes facilitating clear structuring of the problem and alignment of the stakeholders, bringing strong analytical skills for development of a quantitative understanding of business value creation, developing the story and communication of business value to stakeholders, and providing planning / strategic guidance for strategy value realization.

My Sessions

Tech/Case Study Session

Mount Elbert A

Case Study: They Hate Us and Can’t Be Trusted: Formulating Development Strategy in a Cloud of Suspicion. Ecstatic over a discovery, a management team of A-Company wrestles with the appropriate timing and path to production. Offsetting parcels are operated by industry competitors and an arm of the entity that grants production permission for the discovery. These […]

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