Isaac Faber

CoFounder and Chief Data Scientist, MatrixDS

Isaac Faber is a Ph.D. Candidate at Stanford University in the Decision and Risk Analysis group, his research focus is applying machine learning techniques to warning systems in cyber security. Before coming to Stanford, he was the lead Data Scientist at Army Cyber Command where he worked closely with the intelligence agencies like the NSA. He was the architect of the largest operational Big Data System in the Department of Defense. Isaac also holds the academic rank of assistant professor at the United States Military Academy at West Point in the Systems Engineering Department. He has extensive experience in Data Science in several different fields including military operations, cyber security, financial engineering, and insurance underwriting.

My Sessions

Bringing out the Data Scientist in the Decision Analyst

The Capital Peak

Decision quality has six elements, and only one has to do with information. So why all the fuss about data science? Does Data Science simply bring a new set of tools to the decision analyst’s toolkit, or are there more fundamental principles on offer? What should the modern decision analyst learn in order to remain […]


Workshop: Data Science for the Decision Professional

Mount Elbert A

The past few years has seen broad cross-industry adoption of data-driven decision making. Concepts like big data, artificial intelligence, and data science have taken center stage. Business Intelligence companies like Tableau command multi-billion dollar valuations. How does this evolution fit into the life of a decision analyst? The data science process is similar to the […]