Alejandro Martinez

CoFounder and CEO, MatrixDS

Alejandro is a Ph.D. Candidate at Stanford University and Professor Ron Howard’s last doctoral student. His research focus is on approximation of multi-attribute utility functions with the use of thresholds and the implications that this approach has on the creation of better decision support automation. He is passionate about operationalizing decision making within organizations in a way that creates an “alive process”. Before coming to Stanford, he was an Operations consultant and an Operations Manager for several manufacturing businesses in his native Venezuela. He has led large teams in delivering results in operations rich fields such as food and heavy metal manufacturing.

My Sessions

Workshop: Data Science for the Decision Professional

Mount Elbert A

The past few years has seen broad cross-industry adoption of data-driven decision making. Concepts like big data, artificial intelligence, and data science have taken center stage. Business Intelligence companies like Tableau command multi-billion dollar valuations. How does this evolution fit into the life of a decision analyst? The data science process is similar to the […]