David Skinner

Founder, Decision Analysis Affinity Group (DAAG)

David started the DA effort at Conoco in 1988 along with Dave Charlesworth. Those early years were filled with many great projects both at Conoco and DuPont. In 1995 David decided to leave Conoco and start a consulting firm that eventually became Decision Strategies. Decision Strategies became a major consulting firm in the decision analysis space with over 75 consultants in offices around the world. In 2010 David sold the company to the employees and started an oil field service company called Energy Water Solutions which was focused on reclamation of produced water from unconventional oil wells. In 2014 David joined Kevin Carpenter and his company KCA and worked with many of his old clients on new technology strategies. David is a Fellow at KCA and has recently joined Merit SI an industrial solar company focused on critical infrastructure industries. In addition David has been a professor at Rice University since 2005 teaching decision analysis in the Jones School. David is also an active mentor and angel investor with a wide range of start-up companies and MD Anderson’s Venture Mentor Service. David’s other interests include his winery, restaurant, and Inn as well as a new gin distillery in Texas. David lives in Clear Lake Shores Texas with his wife Kristen and their daughter Makenzie.

My Sessions

25 years of DAAG

The Capital Peak

This year’s conference marks the 25th consecutive annual meeting of the Decision Analysis Affinity Group, or DAAG.  Join us as we mark this auspicious occasion with a discussion with the three founders of DAAG:  John Palmer, David Skinner, and Tom Spradlin.  This panel will be moderated by Ellen Coopersmith, also an attendee of the first […]