Kurt Rinehart

Senior Consultant, EpiX Analytics

Dr. Kurt Rinehart is a Senior Consultant at EpiX Analytics, a decision and risk analysis consultancy in Boulder, CO. Dr. Rinehart’s emphasis is enabling better decisions in the face of uncertainty through rigorous analytics and operational practices. With extensive experience in advanced statistics, machine learning, and geospatial analysis, his work centers on developing prediction and optimization tools for a variety of clients. This work encompasses everything from production optimization for multinational consumer goods manufacturers to continuous, real-time, automated prediction for investment decisions. Dr. Rinehart has extensive experience working with the energy industry (e.g., E & P forecasting, capex risk, midstream and utilities optimization), and manufacturing (e.g., production and distribution optimization).



My Sessions

Energy Panel: Leveraging data to make great decisions

Mount Elbert A

There is a massive influx of data in Oil & Gas and Utilities. How do we use this data to make better decisions?  This panel will focus on challenges in building decision analytics on large-data platforms.  Solutions and lessons learned from applications in electric utility distribution systems, distributed energy resources, and oil & gas industry […]