Cory Welch

Founder & President, Lumidyne Consulting

Cory Welch is the Founder and President of Lumidyne Consulting, a boutique consultancy specializing in development of custom decision tools, distributed energy resources, and System Dynamics modeling. He has delivered modeling solutions to dozens of energy clients, including many of the largest investor-owned utilities, regulatory agencies, non-profit conservation agencies, planning authorities, and manufacturers in North America. Much of his career has focused on utility resource planning and distributed energy resources such as solar PV, battery storage, energy efficiency, and demand response. He is a former U.S. Naval Officer who earned his SM in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell.

My Sessions

Energy Panel: Leveraging data to make great decisions

Mount Elbert A

There is a massive influx of data in Oil & Gas and Utilities. How do we use this data to make better decisions?  This panel will focus on challenges in building decision analytics on large-data platforms.  Solutions and lessons learned from applications in electric utility distribution systems, distributed energy resources, and oil & gas industry […]