Jason Mewis

President, ENGCOMP

Decision experts believe that you know more than you think and that you need less information than you think.  Using his expertise in facilitation, Jason can help extract the information you didn’t know you had and use that information to quantify the unknown and increase confidence in decisions.  He is the President of Engcomp (www.engcomp.ca), a multi-discipline industrial engineering firm he founded in 2004.  Jason is an entrepreneur, an engineer and an analyst with experience in engineering economics and project planning.  He has been practicing in the area of uncertainty modelling for over 15 years and because of this experience he has been asked to present on related subjects at conferences all over Canada and the USA.

My Sessions

Workshop: Take Control of Your Project with a Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis

Mount Elbert A

Projects are frequently over cost (budget) and/or behind schedule. Cost overruns are common in infrastructure, building, and technology projects. For IT projects, a 2004 industry study by the Standish Group found an average cost overrun of 43 percent; 71 percent of projects came in over budget, exceeded time estimates, and had estimated too narrow a […]