Sheldon Bernard

Principal, A440 Management LLC

Sheldon Bernard is the founder and Principal of A440 Management LLC, which is dedicated to investigating how the combination of Decision Analysis, Complexity Theory and Austrian Economics can improve the world of finance and risk management.  He currently works in the Corporate Strategy Office for Procter & Gamble and prior to this has spent time in Silicon Valley doing M&A work and Corporate Strategy for Intel and Intel Capital.  He began his journey as a banker and has since then spent half of his career as an internal consultant for various Fortune 100 firms.  Sheldon earned his BS in Business Administration from Wayne State University and his MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

My Sessions

Data Science+Decision Analysis in Financial Innovation

The Capital Peak

Financial products and services are how we allocate resources in society. Decision Analysis and Data Science can play a critical role in the innovation of new financial products and services. This session will highlight financial innovation using DA and Data Science.  Panel chair: Sheldon Bernard, Head of Decision Analysis at Procter & Gamble