Kirk Solo

Principal, Lexidyne Consulting

Kirk’s company, Lexidyne, is a leader in applying simulation technology to solve business problems. Their unique approach utilizes big data analytics and system dynamics to create market virtualizations that can be used to identify, test, and optimize actionable strategies.  Lexidyne employs novel software simulation techniques including emergent AI algorithms, geographic proximity modeling, real options, and portfolio system dynamics to support strategic decision making in Pharma such as disease marketing models, comprehensive pipeline portfolio models, production optimization and market choice models.

My Sessions

Life Sciences Panel: Data and Decision Making in Drug Development

Grays Peak

With the broader availability of data, both on drugs and patients, as well as better sources of data in emerging markets, through both public and proprietary sources, life science companies are applying it in both portfolio and product investment decisions. What data are companies using and what new insights do they find most valuable? What […]

Life Sciences