Tech/Case Study Session

Mount Elbert B

A staple of DAAG conferences has always been the Case Studies session. This year we will showcase four speakers, who will each share their practical experience with a real-life decision consulting application.

Case Study: Organizational decision quality from the bottom up
Organizations adopt decision quality in for various reasons and in different manners. Sometimes a senior executive brings an organizational decision quality (ODQ) framework with them to the organization and champions its implementation from the top, and sometimes the journey begins at the practitioner level. How do you start building a DQ practice and culture when your organization has little awareness of formalized ODQ and its benefits? This presentation will explore the experience of building the business case for ODQ from the practitioner level, in a sector without widespread use of decision analysis. Discussion will include:

  1. Identifying barriers and opportunities arising from existing similar practices.
  2. Building a business case incrementally
  3. Understanding your organization’s culture
  4. Learning from the experience of others in the SDP community

Presenter: Andrew Thrift

Case Study: Enhancing Decision Quality by blending Operations Research techniques with classical Decision Analysis
 This paper looks at OR techniques at a high level and proposes one approach (amongst many) backed by a case study on how to leverage OR and probabilistic DA to channel prescriptive decision analysis. Case study outlines in brief, a multi-queue, multi-server, agent based OR model with convex optimization developed in Python with an Excel interface to solve very complex upstream operational decisions in the Oil & Gas industry.

Presenter: Bobby (Gopesh) Rana & Bill Klimack

Track Chairs: Henk Krijnen and Andrew Thrift
Cluster Chair: Jay Andersen

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