Decision Analysis Society Award Talk

Mount Elbert

This award is jointly sponsored by the Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS and Society of Decision Professionals. It is given annually to the best decision analysis application, as judged by a panel of members of both Societies.

The Decision Analysis Society Award talk will be introduced by Karen Jenni and the award will be presented by SDP President Jim Driscoll.

Modeling the Value of Agents in Supply Chains of Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits with Decision Analysis
Gilberto Montibeller, Loughborough University, England, United Kingdom (joint work with Corinne Carland and Jarrod Goentzel, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA)

Malaria poses one of the greatest challenges to global health. Accurate diagnosis, with rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs), is critical because presumptive treatment
of malaria wastes resources and increases the risk of drug resistance. In this project, we developed a value model for the agents along the RDT kit supply chain
in Uganda. The model, based on multi-attribute value theory, enables an understanding of the motivations of each agent in the supply chain. The analysis
identified a new package of incentives that proved to be robust against the variation of relevance of agents in the chain.

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