Amy Day

CoFounder of Clarity4Action

Amy Day, Co-Founder of Clarity4Action.org, is excited to be a collaborator in the ‘decision evolution’ bringing the power of quality decision making and tools for action to young people.  Amy brings a breadth of professional experience in decision education and coaching, K-12 education, volunteer management, and program and board development with Clarity4Action, the Decision Education Foundation, Youth in Philanthropy, and American Red Cross as well as 18-years in alternative education.  In 2009, Amy completed Decision Quality for Educators and Improving Advisory and Counseling with Decision Quality courses through Stanford University’s Center for Professional Development. She is an honors graduate in Economics with a Spanish Literature minor from Whitman College.

My Sessions

Sharing DA/DQ/DS* in Front of Teens or Behind the Scenes

Mount Elbert A

Have you experienced what Harvard Business Review, Oprah, and Merriam-Webster call an ‘Aha!’ moment, when you’ve realized that what you do for a living as a decision professional is applicable in every facet of your life? Do you think the world would be a better place if more people knew and practiced DA/DQ/DS?  Do you […]

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